HP16-3B - (COBALT) Blue Phosphor Goggles

  • $3,000.00

UFO Skywatch Goggles

Main features
Generation 3 Blue Phosphor Image Tube
Combat proven
Standard NATO Military system
Multi-coated optics
Hand-held or head/helmet-mounted
Built-in IR Illuminator
Simple controls
Lightweight & Rugged.

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Customer Reviews

Me and my wife purchased Goggles at Contact In The Desert event and we love it! Goggles are very light, provide excellent image quality, and has a superb battery life. They also have a number of great features like bright light protection sensor, build in infrared illuminator, and a very comfortable headgear. Great unit for the money for the night sky watch! We would definitely recommend Night Vision Goggles for any sky watch enthusiasts!

Fred & Lisa