HP7-3G - NVG (EMERALD) Green Phosphor

  • $2,750.00


Main features
Generation 3 Green Phosphor Image Tube
Combat proven
Standard US Military system
Multi-coated optics
Hand-held or head/helmet-mounted
Built-in IR Illuminator
Simple controls
Lightweight & Rugged
Cellphone Adaptable.


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 Customer review

What can I say! We purchased a set of Gen2+ night vision goggles for stargazing/camping and we are very happy with the result. The quality of the product far exceeded our expectations and we have already clocked hours of use. Since we bought them I have also received goggles headgear so I can use my night vision goggles hands-free. The versatility of Hoffmans Optics equipment is second to none and I would definitely recommend to my friends. Whether you are hunting, camping or as we do, stargazing, the effectiveness and comfort of the optics is amazing, with a clarity I would not have believed possible at this price range. In addition, I need to say something about the service – The whole process has been seamless and painless, with great staff and prompt communications, which made for a great buying experience. Just call Alec Hoffman